January / 2012

Spring Sponsorship Opportunities

IABC St. Louis invites you to promote your company in front of professional communicators, high-level executives and leaders from many industries. We’re offering you the opportunity to market to our 150 members and network of more than 1,500 area communications professionals from corporations, small businesses and nonprofits around the St. Louis area at IABC’s two […]

2012 Bronze Quills Call for Entries!

Conference / Seminar Schedule

Web Seminars — fee to attend (new reduced rate for members) Mobile Marketing: An introduction to text message marketing presented by Derek Johnson, Tatango January 25, 9-10:30 a.m. Pacific Standard Time FREE Student Web Seminars How to Create an A+ Resume presented by Heather Huhman January 18 2012, 11 a.m. Pacific Standard Time

St. Louis Doesn’t Suck… and Neither does Marketing/Communications Talent in St. Louis!

IABC St. Louis and PRSA St. Louis are teaming up to host an after-hours tabletop networking event! Join us for a great opportunity to network with peers in the St. Louis community and discuss the hottest topics in our industry including: Successful social media campaigns Corporate blogging Media relations tips and techniques Demonstrating value to […]

Employee Communication for a Successful Customer Experience

One of the most overlooked elements of an organization’s customer experience program is ensuring that its employee communications are improving employee-to-customer interactions. Communicating the customer experience program effectively to employees involves the following three stages. Read More:

Creating a Customer-centric Culture

by Anna Howarth Three years ago, I was preparing to fly internationally. I arrived at the airport to find that my flight was delayed by 26 hours. I went back home, and returned to the airport the next day. At check-in on day two, I asked the airline representative if, since I was a loyal […]

Making Sense of Customer Surveys

Ah, the customer survey. Communicators always start out with high hopes for their customer surveys. They’re excited to ask customers a bunch of questions, and are prepared to be enlightened. Time and money are invested into even the shortest, simplest surveys. But when results come back muddled and jumbled, it makes you wonder why you […]

5 Ways to Engage Employees with Your Intranet

by Christopher Swan The company intranet is kind of like the middle child in a family. We care about it, but its siblings usually get more attention. In this scenario, the siblings are external websites and social media channels. Websites always seem to get the makeover and the budget allocations when push comes to shove. […]