Is Integration the Missing Ingredient in Today’s PR Strategy?

by Johnny McGinley

An organization’s annual public relations strategy tends to be seen as a glossy document, yet these types of documents often remind me of the phrase “all that glistens isn’t gold.” Now I know you may be thinking at this point that this is another one of those articles about how PR strategies are nothing more than glossy documents, right? I believe quite the opposite is true.

The annual PR strategy certainly aids in an organization’s strategic planning process and indeed is now something of a time-honored tradition in the PR world. But the strategy needs to be continually revised and reimagined. Specifically, there is one vital ingredient to the PR strategy document that is often missing: integration.


8 Benefits of Using Video to Communicate with Employees

by Lawson Cox

Most business leaders will acknowledge that employees are among their most vital company assets. Unless employees are well trained, informed and engaged, a company or organization will not perform at its best. Internal communicators know that their role is to help meet business goals by giving employees the information they need to further the mission of the company or organization.

As an internal communicator, there are many media you can use to reach employees. Video can be an important and effective component in your employee communication mix. Whether you are an experienced video veteran or new to the video world, here are several benefits video can offer when you need to reach your employees.


Grassroots Video Emerges as an Effective Employee Engagement Tool

by Ron Hess

It was a flash mob of sorts, creating a sea of blue. Adorned in blue T-shirts, 100 employees at SAS headquarters, near Raleigh, North Carolina, gathered for a quick, impromptu video shoot.

The goal: to visually show employee pride for the launch of the company’s innovative new Visual Analytics software package. The method: direct employees to form a human “V” and “A” and, on cue, flash colorful posters while shouting, “We are Visual Analytics.” Then the crowd morphed into the letters S-A-S and shouted, “We are SAS!”

The technology: a handheld camera operated by a member of the corporate employee communication team. The result: a simple, one-minute, rapidly edited video posted on the company intranet that generated lots of buzz, thousands of hits, and feelings of pride and belonging among SAS employees worldwide.

SAS, widely recognized as one of the best global companies to work for, is one of a growing number of organizations that strategically use video to engage and involve employees. “Video has the power to reach beyond the screen to connect with people,” says Lisa Arney, internal communications manager at SAS, and a former TV news producer for local stations in South Carolina and Florida. “An effective video can convey feeling, emotion, and tell a powerful story that persuades, informs, builds pride or creates a sense of belonging—all factors that contribute to employee engagement.”


Take Your Networking to the Top

Your friends at IABC St. Louis know how to throw a party, and this time we’re going to blow the roof off the joint! Join area communications professionals on Thursday, June 28 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. for an evening of fun, food and fellowship at one of the coolest settings in St. Louis— Vin de Set’s rooftop deck.

We’ll provide the gourmet hors d’oeuvres and tips on how to make the most of networking opportunities. You provide your great ideas and a desire to learn more. Meet a colleague, make a connection, move a career.


Barbara Deters, communications manager at Ralcorp Holdings, will talk about networking etiquette, the proper way to use LinkedIn to grow your professional network and the importance of the initial face-to-face meeting.

Barbara moved here from Phoenix four years ago but began networking with St. Louis communicators eight months before she ever made her first visit. Once here, she worked to maintain those new relationships and grow her network even larger. Barbara serves her network by strategically connecting people who have a mutual interest or need. She welcomes opportunities to meet new people.

WHEN: Thursday, June 28, 2012

WHERE: Vin de Set Rooftop

2017 Chouteau Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63103

Click here to register

Get Known and Get Remembered with Social Media

by Donna Papacosta

When I started my independent communication practice in 1985, I had to learn to network, so I joined professional associations, attended meetings, exchanged business cards and watched my business grow. Slowly. A few years later, I began contributing a business-writing column to my local newspaper, which helped me get better known in my town.

I built my first website in the mid-1990s and ventured into blogging in 2004. My podcast came soon after, along with profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and now Pinterest.

I detected a noticeable shift after social media became part of my daily routine. Suddenly I was connecting with other communicators, and then with prospects. People I didn’t even know were reading my blog and listening to my podcast, which came as a bit of a surprise. Online connections blossomed into real-life relationships, assignments and speaking gigs.

I’m living proof that you can boost your marketing efforts and get real business results using social media. My advice: If you want to be someone whose name is known, get on board with social media as soon as possible. And keep at it; your online presence must be cultivated.

How to get started>>>

The Dos and Don’ts of Employee Recognition Programs in Today’s Economy

by Angelique Rewers, ABC, APR, and Melissa Erdman

For the past several years, a tough job market has kept a lot of workers in their current positions. But now that the economy is finally turning around, albeit slowly, companies need to start thinking about how they will keep their top talent from jumping ship—especially if they cut salaries and other benefits to ride out the recession.

In fact, if your rank-and-file employees are feeling anything like what upper management is expressing, you may have a serious attrition problem brewing. In May, Chief Executive magazine published the results of a study in which it found that while 42 percent of business leaders say they are satisfied with their jobs, 96 percent of them would take a recruiter’s call about a new career opportunity. Not only that, but more than half say they are actively looking for a new job right now.

As communicators, we must consider whether this attitude is prevalent throughout our organizations, and, if so, what our companies can and should do after years of not only cutting back on perks, but also asking employees to do more with less.


IABC St. Louis Wants You!

Have you ever considered getting involved with IABC St. Louis? Now is the perfect time! As we prepare to begin our 2012-2013 year, the IABC Board of Directors is seeking volunteers to help on committees. Volunteering with IABC St. Louis offers many rewards:

  • Gain visibility. Network with fellow professional communicators, find out about job openings and develop great references among communications professionals in the St. Louis area.
  • Hone your skills. Retain and sharpen skills you may not be using in your current position.
  • Stretch yourself. Volunteering with IABC can help you expand your horizons and explore new career options. If you are self-employed, it’s an opportunity to work with others on uniquely rewarding projects.
  • Be a leader. Serving as an IABC volunteer can help you develop leadership skills you can use in your own workplace.
  • Beef up your resume. Impress potential employers when they see that you volunteer with the premier organization for communications professionals.

Interested in one of the positions below? Email to learn more.


Professional Development Committee

The PD committee is responsible for brainstorming, developing and executing monthly professional development luncheons that are timely, engaging and relevant to the needs of business communicators. We have several opportunities available:

  • Logistics Coordinator: handles the pre-event logistics with vendors and venues, as well as leads on-site preparation to ensure the event runs smoothly.
  • Speaker Recruiter: (2 positions available) leads the recruitment of potential speakers, serving as primary contact for speakers from start to finish. This position also ensures that professional development content objectives are relayed to Copywriter.
  • Copywriter: writes an engaging description of the event and speaker bio, and coordinates with the VP of Marketing to ensure information is posted in a timely manner.


Marketing Committee

The marketing committee is responsible for keeping members, non-members and the business community at large updated on IABC St. Louis happenings. We have several opportunities available:

  • Webmaster: makes updates to IABC St. Louis website and blog using WordPress dashboard.
  • Social Media Coordinator: posts 2-3 times per week on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Typically, the content is provided and this position schedules the posts.
  • e-Newsletter Coordinator: collects content for the e-newsletter and creates the newsletter each month.


Membership Committee

The marketing committee is responsible for recruitment and retention activities of IABC St. Louis. We have one opportunity available:

  • Membership Chair: assists the Vice President of Membership with tasks related to recruitment and retention of IABC members. Helps plan Member Orientation events quarterly.

IABC St. Louis 2012 Bronze Quill Awards Recap

The 2012 Bronze Quill Awards were a resounding success! Thank you to all who made it happen. With the support of the entrants, judges, sponsors and most importantly, the Bronze Quill committee, the event came together beautifully! Feedback from the event has been rolling in, and we welcome you to fill out this survey if you have not done so already.

If you missed the event, check out the presentation of the awards here:

Thank you!

Platinum Sponsor: Towers Watson

In-Kind Sponsors: Midtown Printing, Kaffcorp Media, MGDG Services, Tara Kinsella Photography

Program Sponsors: Allsup, Buck Consultants, Graybar


You may view and download photos from the event from the 2012 Bronze Quill album on the IABC St. Louis Facebook Page. Special thanks to Tara Kinsella Photography for providing the photos.

Duplicate Awards

To order duplicate awards, please email Re-Essa Buckels: The cost for framed Bronze Quill certificates are: $30 for Award of Excellence; and $20 for Award of Merit. Or, you can purchase certificates only for $5 each.

Congratulations to the following winners of 2012 Bronze Quill Awards!

Government, Community and Customer Relations

Award of Merit:

Monsanto Washington D.C. Improving Agriculture Campaign

Paradowski Creative

Award of Excellence:

Forum on Reform: Small Business Initiative

Ascension Health, Shari Shane

Award of Excellence:

“Smoke-Free” O’Fallon, Missouri

City of O’Fallon


Employee/Member Communications

Award of Merit:

Graybar Employee Recognition Program, Cause for Applause

Graybar Corporate Communications

Award of Excellence:

Monsanto Information Security Awareness

Common Ground Public Relations


Human Resources and Benefits Communications

Award of Merit:

2012 Enrollment Campaign

Ingram Industries

Award of Excellence:

2012 Annual Enrollment Campaign



Brand Communication

Award of Excellence:

Graybar Identity Standards

Graybar Marketing Communications


Special Events

Award of Excellence:

Reliv Revolution

Reliv International

Award of Excellence:

“A Celebration to Honor Dr. Henry Givens”

Schumacher Creative


Electronic and Digital Communications

Award of Merit:

Solae online Newsletter: Using Digital media to Enhance Relationships  Solae, LLC

Award of Merit:

America’s Farmers Campaign Website




Award of Merit:

Lifestyle Magazine

Reliv International

Award of Excellence:

Graybar Outlook

Graybar Corporate Communications

Award of Excellence:

Graybar 2010 Annual Report

Graybar Corporate Communications



Award of Merit:

Ricky’s Story

Reliv International

Award of Merit:

2012 SAVVIS Enrollment Campaign


Award of Merit:

Reggie’s Story

Annie Haarmann Consulting

Award of Excellence:

Graybar Outlook Fall Cover Story

Graybar Corporate Communications


Internal Publication Design

Award of Merit:

FY 2011 Environmental Stewardship Program Report

Ascension Health, Lisa Roserburg

Award of Excellence:

2012 SAVVIS Enrollment Campaign


Award of Excellence:

2011 Enrollment Campaign

Gaylord Entertainment


External Publication Design

Award of Merit:

Advantes – Invest, live, rebuild, sell

Wilson Monnig Creative

Award of Merit:

Falling in Love…Fundraising Materials

St. Louis Community College

Award of Merit:

“With a Grateful Heart” The Sarah Community Campaign Brochure

Almanac, Inc.

Award of Excellence:

Cancer Support Community of Greater St. Louis Brochure System


Award of Excellence:, A Teaching and Learning Resource of the St. Louis Art Museum

Almanac, Inc.


Interactive Media Design Category

Award of Merit:

Graybar FTTx Trailer

Graybar Marketing Communications

Award of Merit: Graybar Website

Graybar Marketing Communications

Award of Excellence:

Aflac’s Entry to Fortune’s “Best Places to Work”

Fleishman-Hillard Creative


Video Program for External Audience

Award of Merit:

Proud to Be St. Louis Grown Videos


Award of Excellence:

St. Louis: Pulse of the Region Video

Vector Communications Corporation

Volunteers Needed For Judging!

IABC is in need of judges for the 2012 Bronze Quill Awards.

The St. Louis chapter awards have been judged by other cities around the country. In exchange, IABC St. Louis reciprocates judging for other cities? chapters. We have started to receive entries from around the country and we are looking for judges.

Please email if you are willing to help.




Make Your Mark: Enter the 2012 Pacific Plains Silver Quill Awards

Earn more accolades for your great communications work by entering the IABC Pacific Plains Silver Quill Awards today! This competition provides the perfect opportunity to receive a stamp of approval for your best work, to get more bling for your bucks, and to impress your clients and colleagues.

Also, you can double your ROI and maximize your exposure among regional colleagues by simply repackaging your other Gold Quill or local chapter Quill entry and submitting it for the Silver Quill Awards as well.

Start planning now. Early bird deadline is Friday, May 11, and the final deadline is Friday, May 25.

Visit for the Silver Quill scoop, including the 2012 Silver Quill Call for Entries brochure with all the information you need.

The IABC Pacific Plains Region embraces 20 IABC chapters in 19 states from Illinois to Hawaii. The Region supports chapter leaders and members with resources and professional development opportunities.