Some speakers from our professional development meetings share their presentations with IABC to be posted here. Not all presentations are posted, so the best way to make sure you don’t miss out it to attend our events!

March 27, 2014 Communications Measurement & Management Seminar

Adapting for the Seismic Changes in our Business | Christopher Barger, Author of “The Social Media Strategist”

Social Media: A Legal Context | Christopher Barger, Author of “The Social Media Strategist”

Engaging Employees to DRIVE Doe Run- A Business Strategy Launch Campaign | Tammy Stankey, The Doe Run Company

How Crisis Strategy Strengthens Day-to-Day Reputation Management- Handout | Kim Link, Arch Coal, Inc.

Social Media and Digital Marketing Reports- Atomicdust | Danielle Hohmeier, Atomicdust

April 19th Be Social Seminar

Five Steps to Building Relationships on Twitter | Brad Hogenmiller, Director of Social Media, infuz

20 LinkedIn Tips in 20 Minutes | Nick Gilham, A Branded You

Social Media for Lead Generation and Conversion | Erin Moloney, Online & Social Media Marketing Manager, Perficient, Inc.

What Students Are Doing That You Should Be | Aaron Manfull, Adviser, Francis Howell North High School

Crisis Communications
Crisis communications expert Larry Smith shared how communicators can prepare for crisis situations that could negatively impact their organization, brand or bottom line. For more information, visit the Institute for Crisis Management Web site or view the three-minute video.

Employee Engagement
Les Landes of Landes & Associates and Katie Sauer, Web Communications Team Lead with Monsanto discussed aligning Marketing Communications with Employee Engagement.

Professional Development
Strategic communicator and longtime-IABC leader Mary Ann McCauley, ABC, helped us assess our career and better position ourselves in today’s evolving marketplace.

Digital Newsrooms
Digital newsrooms have come a long way in the past few years. Beth Jatcko and Lisa Weser discussed what it takes to design and maintain an engaging digital newsroom. Overwhelmed? Intrigued? Contact Beth or Lisa!

The Authentic Enterprise: Architects of Change

20 Search Engine Optimization Tidbits for New Media